RAID Configuration using SmartStart CD

A. Changing Disk RAID configuration using SmartStart CD (by physical connection)

To do this we need first boot the Machine with HP Smartstart CD which has configuration screen for Array Configuration Utility (ACU):

  • From ILO Wizard, First launch Remote Console “Integrated Remote console” (works only on IE).
  • Let’s power on the machine: Go to System Status -> Summary screen. Click on “Momentary Press”
  • Once machine power button is “on”, immediately insert the HP SmartStart CD so that machine will boot from the same.
  • Follow instructions till you see “SmartStart Home”


Click on “Deploy Server” -> “Launch ACU”


* Click on “SAS Array A” and delete it (or you can click on Clear Configuration).
* After deletion it will show all physical hard drives available for use.
* Now let’s create new Array using “Configuration Wizards” available at right bottom of screen. In next screen, click on “Create Array” -> Begin
* Select Drive Type of Array -> SAS
Check “Select All”. It will “create SAS Array A” with unused space, 69GB. Click on finish.
* Click on “Create a logical drive” -> next screen has Array A selected Go “Next”
* Select a fault tolerance for the new logical drive : select RAID 0
Follow configuration as it is till you see the “enter size for the new logical drive:”
Enter max size as it is: 69399
Again follow default setting till you see finish. Don’t forget to save the settings.



  1. James said,

    Ok, so I am in the ACU. I have 4 physical drives. Logical drive 1 is set to raid 0, logical drive 2 is set to raid 0 and logical drive 3 (2 drives-OS drives) set to raid 1+0. I want to change the logical drive order and make logical drive 3 – logical drive 1 so the server boots off the OD drives. Now, keep in my I donot want to lose the OS nor the DATA on logical drives 1 and 2. How can I accomplish this using the smartstart?

    • myonlinegirls said,

      Hi James , Did you find the answer for your question as I Have the same problem here

  2. Sean said,

    Can you tell me how you were able to take the SmartStart screen captures? I’m needing to do documentation and being able to take screen shots would be very nice.

    My only other option is to take pictures with a camera, but that is less than desirable.

    Is this done through the ILO interface? I’ve never used it and not familiar with it.

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi Sean,

      That’s correct. I’ve been using ILO interface. If you haven’t used it for given server, chances are your server is still with default ILO settings. Here is the link on how to do ILO setup

      Hoping that will help you get started.

  3. Beginner said,

    I have 2 x 146 G H.D, 50GB to form the (Raid 1) for OS , remain is for Data (Raid 1). I type the 51200MB in the first Drive C : other is used to free space as a Drive D
    After that I run the smart CD, install the Window 2003 ENT. SP 2 . I find out the Drive C has outstanding 8M is not allocated in Disk Management.

    What is the problem issue and resolution to do that. ?

    • adyamarathon said,


      This is a common issue during disk allocation. Here is what MSDN documentation says:

      “On the typical partition, this means that on average (cluster size)/2 * (number of files) worth of space is lost in this way.”

      Hope this helps.


  4. Etuate Fonua said,


    My problem is quite different. I can’t setup the array using the HP SmartStart cd because it cannot detect any array controller.

    Please can anyone help me please ASAP.


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