ILO Setup

ILO Setup

ILO – Integrated Lights Out

This is a very cool feature that allows one to manage the server box remotely. Idea is physically you don’t have to be in the data center to manage servers. ILO interface provides exact same interface as you will see when you have connected monitor, keyboard and mouse to each individual server.

Each server comes with default DNS name for ILO web interface (it’s DHCP enabled! so if your network has DHCP IP addresses available, then it will pick up the one for it’s factory default DNS name.)

Default DNS names usually in the pattern ILO<Serial#OfBox>
For example serial id for server is HPPRO1234567, then DNS name to access server using ILO would be ILOHPPRO1234567 and it would be available at http://ILOHPPRO1234567

It comes with default administrator user id / password. This user id/password should be changed immediately in order to make your server secure.


Once you login using with given credentials, four tabs that are available for use are: System Status, Remote Console, Virtual Devices, Administration

Change ILO Administrator password
Go to “Administration” -> “User Administration” -> “Select a User” -> “View / Modify” Also if needed you can create more users and give them selective permissions to manage the server using ILO.

How to recover the ILO password
In a worst case scenario where you forgot the user id/ password for ILO login, then only way to reset the password is by connecting physically to the box. Make sure monitor and keyboard is connected to box and boot the machine.

Press F8 to enter into ILO Configuration. Then go to Users -> Modify user and change the ILO admin password which can help to get back to use ILO again.


Change the ILO DNS name

  • Before you get started, need to get the static ip address and dns name entry configured for this ILO interface.
  • Now login to ILO web interface using default dns name (http://DefaultDNSNAME) using default user id/password if that’s not yet changed. let’s say http://ILOHPPRO1234567)
  • Click on Administration tab -> settings -> network. Then first disable the DHCP.
  • Enter correct values for IP Address, subnet mask and Gateway IP Address that you allocated for new ILO DNS Name in Eman.
  • Enter new iLO 2 Subsystem Name

And click on “Apply” to make changes effective. Following message will be displayed :

Please wait – iLO 2 is being reset with new changes. You will automatically be redirected to the login page in 59 seconds. If an SSL error message is displayed, please restart your browser and re-login.

It will logout you in one or two minutes. Or you can open the new browser session and now try to login using new ilo DNS name. For example http://newdnsname and it should redirect to login screen.

Troubleshooting ILO DNS Name

But for some reasons if you haven’t configured ILO dns correctly, then you may not be able to access the ILO web interface. In this case to debug the configuration, you need to connect that machine physically.

Following are steps:

  • Connect Monitor to this machine (connect to front port, it’s easy!) and have keyboard connection at the back.
  • Power on the machine. Once system start booting… You will see white screen display “HP Proliant Servers ….” After this keep on pressing F8 key to get you into ILO configuration Screen.
  • Now go to Network -> DHCP menu
    * Make sure DHCP is set to OFF (use spacebar to change the settings)
    * Verify ILO name has correct value.
  • Now go to Menu Network -> TCP/IP Go to IP Address selection You can’t change these settings if DHCP is ON Update IP Address to new ILP DNS entry. Also Enter correct values for subnet and default getway.

Save the settings (F10) and exit. Now you should be able to login to ILO interface using new dns name like http://newdnsname

Note NIC Mac address

We have connected the server on LAN port 1. Hence note the value of Port 1 NIC MAC address, we will need this value to do the Linux installation using the PXE boot.

Go to tab “System Status” -> “System Information” -> NIC -> Port 1 NIC MAC address



  1. Immanuel said,


    Th info on has been very useful for me.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    I need help on analyzing the MPS logs.
    Can you let me know as to whether you have documented steps for the same?


  2. adyamarathon said,

    Hi Immanuel,

    Unfortuantely I haven’t done any work with respect to MPS logs. Hopefully you will get some good information over the net.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. rahul jain said,

    can you please tell me how i can get the ILO IP for a server only if i know the server name.

    • Avishek said,

      You can log into ilo RBSU … initially if your server is not set up it not gonna have any ip , you can address your ilo by DNS name , and typically it will be set to DHCP. Depending on your IT infra you can then set the ILO to be at static IP or if your using DHCP then i would suggest you to keep DNS of ILO as the ILO name . Normally once all this is done you will be able to see the IP at the bottom left hand corner of your screen once everytime your server boots up

  4. Just Joe said,

    do you have to enter the same values for the subnet mask and default gateway in the ILO as you have configured for the rest of your network?

  5. adyamarathon said,


    ILO ip should be simple enough to derived from name using ping command.

    > ping

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=53

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 28ms, Average = 25ms

    Hope this helps

  6. adyamarathon said,


    Yes, subnet mask and default gateway values will be same as rest of network.

    hope his helps,

  7. Jags said,


    Please help me how to get server name & IP address when you have ILO IP only in hand.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. adyamarathon said,

    Hi Jags,

    Here is the convention that we follow:

    Server IP Address and ILO IP address are assigned in sequence. But one can’t take this granted.

    Another way if you know how to get into ILO Admin Interface:

    ILO provides mac addresses for all interfaces a server has. Using these mac addresses one can get the ip address for a given machine.

    One probably helpful link is:

    I haven’t tested the solution though.

    hope this helps,
    Let’s know your findings.


  9. mark said,

    Hi, thanks for above info, but can you help with this,,,,

    With the default DNS name on the ILO interface, doesn’t that still need to be added to your DNS records somewhere? otherwise, how can you browse to an unknown name?

    If the above is true, then we run the risk of the ip address changing via dhcp so that the dns entry we’ve created will fail….

    does that make sense?

  10. Iggy said,

    Mark — iLO uses Dynamic DNS by default – which would allow you to access the iLO by its DNS name — but this only works if your DHCP/DNS servers are set up to allow a device to supply its own domain name. The best practice is either to assign static IP addresses to the iLO’s or place the iLO mac address in the DHCP database – so that the DHCP server always assigns the same IP address to the iLO.

    If you are having trouble finding the iLO’s on your local network, you might want to use a little script that I wrote (script is for Linux/Unix). It’s available here:


    • adyamarathon said,


      As Iggy said, DHCP is enabled by default. If your network doesn’t support it. First create static entry (name=ip address) and during system boot, assign this name to your machine.

      Iggy thanks for the comments.
      Surely your website has another wealth of information.


  11. idowu said,


    please how can i access and configure HP IP Console Switch with Virtual Media OSD in order to configure it to access five connected HP DL 580 proliant servers.

    thanks in anticipation,

    best regards,

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi Idowu,

      Not sure if I understood your question correctly. can you please add more details.


  12. menadnpng said,

    What is the default username/password for ILO?

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi Menadnpng,

      Out of the box, the iLO interface registers itself using DHCP on power-up and may be accessed using a default DNS name, username, and password, each of which is stated on a cardboard tag attached to the server chassis.

      If you don’t have this cardboard tag, then other option would be resetting userid / password with manual boot. During system boot, press F8 to enter to ILO configuration.

      Then go to User -> Add/Edit user. Here you can edit default admin user “Administrator” password or you can create new user of your choice.

      Hope this helps.

  13. Anonymous said,


  14. Gareth said,

    Hi all

    I have a single DL180 G6 server.
    Can I access the iLo http page by IP rather than DNS lookup, as this is the only server I dont have a DNS server to relove names.

    I have tried pinging the IP and dont get a reply, and yet the option for ping is ticked, or enabled.

    Any ideas?

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi Gareth,

      By default DHCP is used and it uses next available ip address.

      If you don’t have DNS server to resolve names then, first thing you should do is assign a static ip address.

      Here is the way:

      When you reboot the server, you should see a prompt for the Intergrated Lights-Out. Press F8 when this prompt appears and you will get into the setup of the iLO.

      Here you should see a menu item for network parameters – it defaults to DHCP, and it’s default DNS name is on the tag attached or stuck to the server. You can change these parameters, e.g. assign a static IP address (first you have to deactivate DHCP)

      Hope this helps.

  15. benjamin said,

    i want to know how to set a static ip for an ilo port

    • benjamin said,

      what to know how to start it?

      • adyamarathon said,

        Hi Benjanmin,

        When you reboot the server, you should see a prompt for the Intergrated Lights-Out. Press F8 when this prompt appears and you will get into the setup of the iLO.

        Here you should see a menu item for network parameters – it defaults to DHCP, and it’s default DNS name is on the tag attached or stuck to the server. You can change these parameters, e.g. assign a static IP address (first you have to deactivate DHCP)

        Hope this helps.

  16. hoabui said,

    Hi Adyamarathon,

    Thanks for your infomations. All comments is very usefull. But i having some troubles with Hp blade server. Please tell me how to config iLO port on blade server.

    Many thanks.


  17. hesam said,

    i want to connect ILO port for first time with my laptop which has a windows 7 on in , i set obtain ip address automatically and i find that set to my network interface but when i type it in my browser i couldnt connect to ILO port

    can you help me

  18. eric said,

    i would like to enter into the ilo configuration screens at boot time on a dl 360. unfortunatly the system is asking me username and password after pressing f8. what can i do?

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi Eric,

      I just restarted DL385 to see the sequence. Make sure you press F8 when there is message on screen mentioning about ILO.

      Also there might be chances, Administrator has enabled boot-up user id / password. Check with your Infrastructure team if you are not managing this box.

      Sorry not much help. Please do let me know the outcome, I will update docs accordingly.


    • Iggy said,

      The motherboard has an iLO Security Override Switch. Take a look at the hood label when you open up the server. It will have a diagram showing the System Maintenance DIP switch. One of the switches (probably S1) can be turned ON to disable iLO security. Once security is disabled, it will not ask for a password and you can enter F8 during boot and change the password. After changing the password, power off the server and flip the security override switch back to OFF.

      Hope this helps,

      • adyamarathon said,


        That’s the another approach to fix the issue! Thanks for letting us know. I will add it here.

        Let’s hope Eric don’t have to go through these hassles and find safe ride through Administrator!

        thanks again,

  19. Shreenivas B said,


    I want to get values of “NIC MAC Addresses” that we see at:

    “System Status” -> “System Information” -> NIC -> Port [1|2] NIC MAC address

    via CLI session. Is there any way to get this info? Can someone give me the details or point me to a link that can give me more info. I am using DL 380 servers. Will this change from server-to-server ?

    Thanks and Regards,

  20. FrankWang said,

    There is no F8 Key promotion on the Post Screen,any suggestion to show it,so that I can access the configuration?

    • adyamarathon said,

      Hi FrankWang,

      Try F8 as boot starts. If that doesn’t work, you need to find out equivalent key for your hardware. If you put hardware details, maybe I can help you.


  21. Abdul said,

    This information is pretty useful. Thanks.

  22. Sankara said,

    thankyou for the nice post. keep writing such
    posts. recently i had to reset my windows vista administrator password and a post on reset windows password at really helped me

  23. HP Proliant ILO configuration and password recovery « Raj2796's Blog said,

  24. bariforun said,

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  25. Praveen Jorapuri said,

    Thx it was usefull

  26. Anonymous said,

    Here we got DHCP environment, & ilo got ip from dhcp server..
    HP DL380 G7 already in Production with out configuring Initial ilo Setup..
    Very sad, though we could get Login Page, could not login because there is no default password (or I could find easilily) & we took downtime to reboot & Press F8 & set Administrator Password…

    Hope this get addressed, & HP sets some default password to login (w/o rebooting server)…

    • adyamarathon said,

      Sorry to hear that you have to get down time.
      One thing will be useful is keeping the Server Tag handy (at least scan them once you have get the new server), so that in future you have to use default configuration, you know the default password.

      Good Luck,

  27. Sindhu said,

    hi, i am facing issues with iLO license keys. The DL380 G6 servers to be rebuilt needs to have iLO configured using the new iLO IP addresses. Would a license/activation key still be required for activation for these already once iLO configured servers? Is it possible to use an activation key from another server connected to the same subnet.. plz advise.

  28. jeet said,


    hi can any one instruct me where can i see the ILO in any series of hp server and what are the functions


  29. Sriram said,

    I am trying to use the HP ILO on my HP DL380 G7 for remote connection.
    The port does not come up when I connect to a switch which then communicates to my remote device.
    The port comes up when I connect to my laptop back to back with the ILO port.
    I have configured the IP, subnet and default g/w properly.
    Can anyone help pls.

  30. Anonymous said,

    okay Im having an issue finding the ILO setup on a DL180 can anybody help me on this one? F8 enters disk setup utility then when i ESC there is 3 more options have tried all 3 options F7 , F10 and F12 but cant find the setup now there is an Ip Setup in the Bios but i presume this is for the onboard NIC and not ILO would I be correct in saying this or Is this infact the ILO setup?

    • Anonymous said,

      Has anyone replied to this? I am having the same issue.

      • Shawn S. said,

        Make sure ILO is installed at all, my DL180’s did not have ilo, LO100 add on cards were added later. In this case you have to go into bios setup (F10), the following are steps from User Guide for LO100:

        1) Power on the server by pressing the Power On/Off button on the front panel.

        2) When POST displays the message, ROM-Based Setup.

        3) Press the right arrow key to navigate to Advanced menu.

        4) Press the down arrow key to scroll to IPMI Configuration. Press the enter key.

        5) Scroll to the LAN Configuration menu by pressing the down arrow, Press the enter key.

        6) Chose set BMC NIC Mode
        – (if no add-on card is installed) Shared
        – (if a add-on card is installed) Dedicated
        Press the enter key.

        7) Exit by pressing the ESC key, then F10 key to save and exit setup.

        Something to note is that if you use shared (i.e. using one of the 2 on board network nics) you lose that nic for data.

  31. Anonymous said,

    “The port does not come up when I connect to a switch which then communicates to my remote device.
    The port comes up when I connect to my laptop back to back with the ILO port. I have configured the IP, subnet and default g/w properly.”

    I am having this issue as well with a ILP100i on a DL120 G6. Has anybody resolved this issue??

  32. SR said,

    What about the security? SSL/SSH?

  33. из said,

    certainly like your website but you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I will definitely come back again.

  34. senja said,


    I do not know what caused the problem. Whenever I tried to open Remote Console it will failed and asking iLO 2 advanced is required for use. I am using HP DL370 G6. Do I need to buy the license key ?

  35. Integrating iLO with Active Directory « melrulz said,

    […] and running. I won’t go into that but here is a nice article about iLO setup – 2) This is a schema-free integration using the iLO Web Interface. 3) For the web interface to be […]

  36. Rashyas said,

    Hi I have HP Proliant DL120 g6 server and while booting press F8 going to disk utility. Anyone can help me to set ilo port for the same server.

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  41. Prasad said,

    The ILO IP is pinging but the web console is not accessible…

    Can anybody help me out out please..


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