First TRI in First try

September 25, 2008 at 5:38 am (triathlon)

It’s official now. I successfully completed my first triathlon on 21st Sept 2008 in 2 hours 32 minutes! Distance covered was 700 yards (640 meters) swimming, 18 mile biking and 4 mile running. It was slow one but … hey I was there to see the end. Isn’t that better than nothing? Anyways here is the history in detail.

At finish line

At finish line

On 21st Sept 2008, we reached early at event area to register ourself and make sure we get the right spot to put things in transition area (bike, running shoes, short etc.) Crowd participation must be in 600+.

We started swimming as part of wave 2. One thing to mention here is water at start line was black in color. It may be because water level was record time low and mud was spoiling the show. Anyways as per the plan, I was last in our wave just to make sure nobody swims over me! Water was pleasant and very soon it turned from black to green. What a relief! I tried myself to slow down but I guess competition was pushing me harder. In few minutes I was close to first buoy. I was following crowd to make sure that I’m going in correct direction. By the time I passed first buoy, swimmers from third wave were already around us. With me on one side, nobody really bothered my rythm. Anyways after crossing second buoy on my left, I knew  there is finish at the end. And in another few minutes we started hearing the cheers from the crowd and very next moment I was on the land running to transition area  to get on my bike.

Was able to get out of wet suit very quickly. With bike jersey / shorts on and intake of half banana, I was on my way to biking. We have to do two loops around the lake (nine miles each). And here I found the striking difference between me as a rider and other fellow riders. During first loop, I saw everyone was bypassing me big time just like zoom zoom! By the time I started second loop, not many riders were along the course. This gave me time to analyze the situation. And conclusion, I was the only (male) rider with mountain bike which offers less speed compared to road bike! Anyways I was also the only one who was cheering the volunteers all the way. With few cheers from couple of riders, I saw the end of biking stage.

Transition area was again filled up with bikes and riders already started their run. With running as last stage, I was very comfortable with the distance of four miles to go. Running course was along the wilderness surrounding the lake making run a enjoyable one. At last my time came when I started bypassing the fellow runners. With quarter mile to go , I sprinted the distance to make final touchdown.

Time was two hours 32 minutes and it was over! I TRI(ed) and was successful in my first such adventure!!

Before I end, want to thank Rajeev, Suhas and Hawaii (by the way HAWAII is my bike name!) for making this happen. Three cheers to all of you! Let the fun begin!!

P.S: Want to know the difference between road bike and mountain bike. here is one link for reference

Typical Mountain Bike Vs Typical Road Bike


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Getting ready for TRI…

September 25, 2008 at 5:31 am (triathlon)

There has been this long time desire to do a triathlon. So when I shared idea with my runner buddy Rajeev, he was totally with me. With season is coming to end, we had only one triathlon event in Bay Area where we can give a try and that was on 21st Sept in Pleasanton.

With around two and half weeks time to get ready, we have to work on the plan which was very simple one: Big mantra was Make sure we don’t fool with swimming! Since event is scheduled as open water swim in Shadow Cliff Lake, we needed to get some exposure to lake swimming. With my prior experience (thanks to my most recent vacation to dream place!) it was sure that we have to use wet suit to make sure our life is safe (so that we can do more triathlons rather than marking this as final one 😀).

During first week of practice, we tried to swim this distance in pool. Also over the weekend I put 22 miler on bike to get accustomed with it. It was bit tiring but rewarding. Most important task from action plan was getting comfortable with open water. It turned out that over the weekends Quarry lakes do offer swimming in presence of life guards (But during fall time starting Sept 21, there no lifeguards till start of spring/summer.) During this early trial we wanted get the feel of swim with wet suit. This meeting gave confidence to do more such sessions during weekdays on early mornings. By end of second week, we were able comfortable to do go the 700 yard distance non stop.

As last exercise, we did do brick run which included 16 mile bike followed by 4 mile run. With that we end up our pratice and thought to be ready for event.

More later after the race completion. Till then ciao.

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