It happened on 4th Nov

November 10, 2007 at 11:00 pm (running)

At the finish line

On hearing of gun shot in front of modest crowd in San Jose down town, my chase for marathon dream began. Yes, 10th Metro Silicon Valley Marathon was officially started at 7:00am, Nov 4th 2007. Around 3000 runners were targeting to go past the finish line for 5k, half marathon and full marathon distances.

Myself, Bala, Augustus and Srini were running along for half hour. I was trying to keep pace with Augustus. But around 3 mile mark came the restroom stop and I have to part with Augustus (we didn’t meet again throughout run) as I decided to take my first bio-break. Long queues for restroom made sure that I will loose 10-15 minutes. Still I was bit uneasy and nervous. Two more such breaks gave me time to relax. But on flip side, by mile 8 I’ve lost company of all my running buddies and now I’ve to finish the task by myself, alone!

I decided to speed up a little bit so that if possible I can catch fellow Asha runners. By then I was already on Los Gatos Creek Trail with familiar surroundings, as we did our last long run as part of training (13 miles) here. Around 10 mile mark, we had a Asha water stop. All our folks were cheering with such a great enthusiasm. It helped to charge the (inspiration) battery! Later I completed one round around the tracks in Los Gatos High School where half marathon ended. It took me two hours forty minutes to complete this distance.

Then came the first hill of this running course. One old couple was cheering right there on uphill. Thanks to them, I was able to run through upwards without much exhaustion. Later we made a exit through park and were running on streets through Los Gatos. At mile 16, Asha gang was ready to cheer up again. This time cheer squad was best in it’s strength and energy. Wow, I had a awesome feeling while passing through them. Thank you folks for all this cheers. It did helped to keep running.

After half hour may be, I was expecting to see 20 mile mark. But there was the 18 mile marker. Then I realized I’m going slow and need to get going. As a remedy and to keep myself motivated, I started chasing runners who are ahead of me and within my sight. It helped in three ways: 1)I was running fast 2)this goal was within achievable range which made my run joyful every time I cross any runner. 3)It kept my confidence level high.

At 22 mile, I’ve started getting pain in my right toe. To make things comfortable, I was walking one or two minutes. But it was not helping. And I see myself fading along the way. May be I was getting closer to the WALL. It was around then by 24 mile marker, I got the best pacer. Yes Rajesh started pacing me and Bonnie. He (very strongly) advised us not to walk but rather run! And it provided immediate results. I can see myself speeding up to keep pace with him. He was cheering me all the way. He mentioned that we were running at 9 minute per mile pace. Well that was my best pace during entire marathon and it came at right moment when things were looking very difficult. This achievement really charged me to give the best shot for the last 0.4 mile. Oh Boy, I was sprinting real hard. I can feel the cramps were circling around in both legs. But I didn’t had a time to stop. I was at point of no return! Very soon I ran past the Rajesh. And there I saw the podium to confirm that I’m just few meters away from the achievement. I was very much thrilled to see this. My body was literally shaking with all enjoyment. And in that very moment, there I crossed the finish line!

I finished strong and healthy!! Felt like I’m graduated when Organizers put the medal around my neck! And from then no dreaming anymore but only live through reality that I have earned first full marathon medal. My long time dream came true! Dear coaches, mentors thank you so much in helping me in achieving this.

– A proud (newbie) Marathoner



  1. Manoj said,

    Good job Raju! I am quite impressed. Now I can say one of my friends runs marathons for a good cause!

  2. sameer said,

    Lege Raho Mamu !!!!!

  3. Carlos said,

    Congratulation Raju, very proud of you

  4. Sandip said,

    Congratulation Raju, great job. Now I can say one of my friend ran for marathon.

  5. Brahma said,

    Great job Raju! Really happy for you. Now I have two known people who did it. ( Narendran & You). BTW, your marathon narration is nice. I could visualize your whole run! Congratulations once again on this achievement for a great cause.

  6. 26 on 26th « Runner’s view said,

    […] raised $2400 – amount that we thought will not able to raise specially after Rajendra did raise same amount for same cause last year! Thanks to everyone who has been very generous. Many times we […]

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