Job half done

July 30, 2007 at 5:40 am (running)

Today, I finished San Francisco half marathon (1st half) as part of my training for Silicon Valley marathon. And I’ve finished it in 2 hours 38 minutes! Below is my picture at finish line.

Half Marathon Finish

Day started early morning at 4am with (almost) full moon was giving company all the way to San Francisco. We were expecting it to be very cold at Embarcadero, our start line for 1st half marathon. But luckily it was not that bad! At around 6am, I started my run as part of wave five. I started slowly for first 2-3 miles. It was fantastic atmosphere; around 8000 runners (1st half and full marathoners) pacing along the pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf. Many supporters were cheering up along the side walk.

We got taste of our first hill at 5 mile mark. And then came the Golden Gate Bridge. It was chilly and windy out there. Bridge was covered in fog. We can hardly see bridge in distance. Just as run was getting progressive, I was able to see bridge with close look. I felt really good!!! Once we reached the other end of bridge, we got turn around and started our journey back. Ongoing traffic was giving honks in support of our run! When we finished bridge run, we were upto 9 mile mark. Second uphill around Presidio was found to be tough to pass. While crossing this hill, I got into double digits by crossing 10 miles. 11th mile was again bit tough as we were running through city residential area with streets taking us up and down.

As time was passing by, suddenly we saw big crowd waiting and cheering for us. And I knew that end is sooner than later. This gave the fresh new energy and I did a sprint for last few meters to make a touch down to my first marathon!!!

Job is half done and now the hard part starts….getting to 26.2 I hope I will stay strong all the way to the end!.

Thank you everybody for all your support!!!



  1. Harry said,

    Good Show Raju … Keep it up.

  2. sachin said,

    that g8 rajumama.. its good to c ur another varsatality.. keep it up.. u r d inspiraton for all of us… all d best..

  3. ATHARVA KADAM said,

    bhai Kaka , well done. I also wanted to participate in Varsha Marethon, thane but I need a training. This could be possible if u come here & train me.

  4. MAHESH ETAI said,

    Hearty Congratulations for completeing half marathon!!
    Keep it up !!

  5. JIT said,

    THATS Simply GR8 Brother……Best of LUCK for complete Marathon
    Take Care

  6. Jayant Kenjale said,

    fantastic Rajendra..! That is really great..! Good you finished up your 1st half of marathon. Best luck for future.


  7. Ravi Govil said,

    Great man! Congratulation.

  8. adyamarathon said,

    Thanks guys for all your support. I will keep you posted with my coming long runs.


  9. Sharad Kaka said,

    Good.It would be very good if u complete the marathon next time.

  10. Marna said,

    Congrats on this achievement. Very proud you are my friend and colleague. All is well in Louisiana.

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